SoNoRo Conac

Initiated in 2013, the SoNoRo Conac tour has aimed from the very beginning, by associating music with various iconic architectural works in Romania, to suggest the need for respect, care and support for Romania’s heritage and its extraordinary cultural resources. SoNoRo Conac is rooted in the idea of bringing back chamber music to its original space, intimate in its nature, conducive to cultural dialogue and active listening by a small audience. This project aims to raise awareness of the many rehabilitated heritage buildings – spectacular and elegant buildings that need to be brought back into the cultural circuit.
With each edition, the SoNoRo Conac tour has pinned on the emotional map of our country more than 120 heritage buildings, some of them completely unknown to the Romanian public, but it has also brought to the attention of the international public some of the most beautiful architectural symbols in Romania.