Community Centre in Feldioara

102 Octavian Goga Street Feldioara, Brașov County

The Community Centre was designed in the early 1970s, in the centre of Feldioara, being built with the joint effort of the local authorities, through funding, and locals, through voluntary work. It was opened in 1978 with spaces such as a performance hall, dance hall, club, library and social group. It thus provided the setting for cultural events with the active involvement of locals; plays were staged, the choir and brass band were provided performance areas, film screenings and school functions were held, and the library was a lively space.
The passage of time and the changes brought about have made this building, fallen into disrepair, to need capital repairs and modernization that were made in 2008, through the care of Feldioara Town Hall and thanks to the financial support obtained from the Government by Mayor Sorin Taus. At the same time, facilities have been brought about to encourage future cultural activities: a modern performance hall with a sound system, musical instruments needed for a brass band, folk costumes, a library included in the Biblionet Programme, and a fitness room. A Yamaha piano is now on the stage of the Community Centre in Feldioara, for all those who want to delight with their skills an audience happy to receive guests.