Palace of Justice, Arad

2 V. Milea Boulevard Arad, Arad County

Erected in 1892, the building where the Court of Arad carries out its activities is in the style of local public buildings, inspired by the neoclassical style with baroque influences. The exterior has been restored several times and it has kept its original shape. A large historical monument, the Palace of Justice in Arad was built in two stages, the first in 1892-1895, when a 3-storey building was constructed, and the second in 1940-1943, when the building was completed with side wings and raised to 5 levels.
The Palace of Justice currently houses the Tribunal and the Court of Arad, the Public Prosecutor's Office and the Centre for the training of staff of the General Directorate of Prisons. From October 1996 to 2002, extensive capital repairs and refurbishment works were carried out on the building, which has 13 courtrooms, 92 offices and other ancillary spaces totalling 21,344 square metres. The Great Hall is the largest courtroom in the building, with a perfect architecture and decoration. It has also undergone extensive refurbishment work and has been transformed into a Hall of Festivities, now part of the national cultural heritage.