National Theatre of Caracal

8 Cuza Vodă Street Caracal, Olt County

The “Ștefan Iordache” National Theatre in Caracal was built between 1896 and 1901, in an eclectic style with neo-baroque and neo-Renaissance elements, according to the plans of the Austrian architect Franz Billek. As far as known, this is the only building built by architect Billeck in the Kingdom, and the contractor was the Italian Spaulenzi Mariani. At that time, an impressive number of theatres were being built in Europe, and in Romania; the Romanian Athenaeum, the National Theatre in Iasi, Bucharest, Cluj and Timișoara were being built at the same time. Due to the will of the town councillors of the time and the love for theatre of the inhabitants, Caracal built an equally beautiful and imposing theatre, in the same European architectural style, located in the historical area of the town, near the ruins of the Court of Mihai Viteazul. The National Theatre of Caracal has hosted performances by important Romanian actors, including Constantin Nottara, who has performed in permanent seasons. The theatre was also home to lectures by great names of science, literature and art: Nicolae Iorga, Vasile Pârvan, A. D. Xenopol, Octavian Goga, as well as great politicians such as Tache Ionescu and Nicolae Titulescu.
“We mention in passing some of the artists who honored this scene: the brilliant violinist George Enescu held several concerts. Mrs General Averescu played for charity concerts. Then: Aristița Romanescu, Agata Bârsescu, Sturza, Filotti, Marioara Voiculescu, C. Notara, Brezeanu, Liciu, Soreanu, Lecca, Davila, Demetriad, Bulandra, Crețu, Anestin, Radovici, Manolescu, Storin, Ciprian, etc. In operas and operettas: Băjenaru, Niculescu-Basu, Atanasiu, Nora Marinescu, Tănase, etc. Great scholars: Iorga, Pârvan, I. Ștefănescu held lectures, as well as Tache Ionescu, Xenopol, Mircescu, political lectures. Ladies and gentlemen from the local society appeared on stage in various parties and concerts”. (Ștefan Ricman, “Monograph of Romanați County”, 1928).