Palace Hotel in Băile Govora

1 Park Street, Băile Govora, Vâlcea County

Palace Hotel in Băile Govora is located in a monument-building dating from the early 20th century. In a picturesque corner of Oltenia lies an oasis of peace and healing - Băile Govora. The story of the place begins in 1876, when the “healing springs” were revealed to the world. The first exploitation of the springs (1879) brought to the surface sapropelic mud and mineral waters charged with iodine and sulphur. The military doctor Nicolae Zorileanu sensed the curative potential of the area and became the “doctor in charge of the baths”, recommending the mineral waters and sapropelic mud to relieve rheumatic ailments. The Govora area quickly made itself known and so, in 1887, Băile Govora was officially declared a Spa Resort, welcoming the first guests eager for healing and relaxation in the first establishment with 20 cabins for “hot baths”.

Prime Minister I.C. Brătianu is one of the first beneficiaries of Govora mineral water therapies and becomes a strong supporter of Băile Govora, contributing significantly to the development and promotion of the resort as a symbol of hope and healing. At the beginning of the 20th century, Govora flourishes! Six springs with unique therapeutic properties attract visitors from all over the country. The generous spa park, masterfully landscaped by French landscape architect Emile Pinard in 1910, becomes a temple of nature, offering an oasis of peace and relaxation. The park in Băile Govora is today the largest natural spa park in Romania (more than 20 hectares), with more than 7 km of paths for outdoor “land therapies”.
Palace Hotel was built in the period 1911-1914 as an architectural jewel bearing the signature of architect Ernest Doneaud, the contractor being Puklicky&Brătescu. The Art Nouveau style, with eclectic and neo-Romanesque influences, gives rise to an emblematic and impressive building, shaped like an eagle with open wings, symbolising strength and hope. The 365 niches on the facades mark the calendar days of the year and the promise of healing. Palace Hotel, a silent witness to history, has known long periods of glory in the past. In 2014, it rose from the ashes after an extensive refurbishment project that painstakingly restored many of the original details, keeping alive the story of the generations that have passed through its doors over the past century. Today, the Palace is a heritage building that tells the stories gathered from the rich history of Băile Govora.