The King’s House, Viscri

Viscri, Jud. Brasov

King Charles III's house in Viscri is open to the public annually from April to October. The traditional Saxon property in the village of Viscri, part of the UNESCO World Heritage, hosts the permanent exhibition of art and botanical book, Transylvania Florilegium, in the converted barn, as well as a series of temporary exhibitions.

"Since tourists visiting Viscri have always been eager to see and learn as much as possible about the connection His Majesty King Charles III has with the village, the King’s Foundation decided in 2021 to transform the house in Viscri into a house open to the public, which speaks about his passion for traditional architecture, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity protection, and our valuable cultural heritage — in other words, about His Majesty’s love for Romania." – Mihai Grigore, Administrator, The King’s House Viscri
The paintings of the florilegium were created by some of the world's finest contemporary botanical artists, who over five years visited Transylvania, studying the flora around His Majesty King Charles III's properties in Viscri and Valea Zălanului. In the Transylvanian florilegium, scientific information accompanies each of the 124 botanical illustrations, grouped into two volumes that aim to showcase the diversity and beauty of Transylvanian flora and inspire efforts to conserve it.

Visitors to the King's House can learn about the "Ambulance for Monuments" project, launched in 2016 to save hundreds of heritage buildings in Romania through a network of active heritage organizations. Emergency interventions are carried out by experts, students, and trained artisans on a voluntary basis with support from local communities and authorities. At the center of the project in each region is an intervention kit – a van equipped with tools, equipment, and building materials. From the outset, the project has been supported by The Prince’s Foundation (now The King’s Foundation), chaired by His Majesty King Charles III. The "Ambulance for Monuments" won the public's choice award at the 2020 European Heritage Awards. As they walk through the garden, visitors will hear about the summer schools organized by the King's Foundation in partnership with the Order of Architects of Romania (OAR), as well as about a special gardening project implemented for the children in the village. Over 38,000 Romanian and foreign tourists visited the King's house in 2023.

Visiting the house in Viscri, reopened this season under the name "The King’s House," tourists will discover a simple, traditional Saxon household and can taste local products in the cafe. The souvenir shop features a selection of products from local artists and artisans. The majority of the profits generated by the house are directed towards community benefit projects.